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i haven’t posted in a while now, i know. this time i spent away from here was important to me and i’m not saying i’m making a promise to be more present here or anything because i’m not. i’m taking this time to think about my life. to reflect about my past mistakes and to improve as a person. i’ve been badly hurt and i feel lonely sometimes and sometimes i feel like i need to love someone. but right now i can’t deal with this. i live in a completely different country now, i have a completely different life now. i love what it is like now and it’s helping to get through to the better side… of myself.

hope you guys understand and respect my moment! hehe

[ new life, new thoughts ]

life is complicated sometimes. when you think you have figured out everything there is to in your life suddenly you find out there are some things you’ve left behind and then you get more confused than ever!

i cant complain about my life. at the moment i live in this great different country where people are nice, where i make enough money without working too much, i’m single and happy for being so… and i thought i really didn’t need anyone right now, after all how would i even fancy the idea since i live in such a place? well, i guess it’s more of an age thing.

the thing is: i’m almost 30 and i feel like i need to start building a life with someone… and i wanna do that and maybe that’s why i can’t stop thinking about a certain someone. but shouldnt i be trying to get over this and forget this sudden urge?

i dont know… maybe…

[ wild night in seoul ]

[ exploring seoul ]

[ moments in seoul – south korea ]

[ anxiety ]

busy? well, that’s a word i’d use to describe myself these days. my delta isn’t done yet and i was writing a first draft of my paper to send my tutor so that i can have some feedback before i put myself into editing it completely! haha and besides that i’ve been taking care of all the preparation for my trip to seoul, which is tomorrow! haha

first off i’ll be in shanghai for a few hours and there i have a very special meeting. then i’ll go to the airport and by the end of the day i’ll be in south korea! what is it like? i have no idea. what will i find there? no idea either. and that’s what makes me so curious about it all!!! hahaha

besides that i’ll be meeting my old friend nick – who i met when i lived in canada. it’s been four years since we last met and it will be great to be with him for the next 6 days. so much to catch up on! haha

now i still have some stuff to do. i found someone to take care of my fishes while i’m away and now i’m feeling really relieved. but still have to water my plants and do some last min laundry and clean my room ’cause i don’t wanna come back to a dirty place! hahaha i never thought it would be so hard to prepare for a trip. back home, when we went on trips there was always someone taking care of everything, and now i have to do it all on my own. i like it though. makes me feel independent. hehe

well, as soon as i have some time i’ll be back posting some pics of seoul! wish me good luck!